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My Bike
I am the proud owner of a 1979 Kawasaki KZ400. I purchased it for $1000 including the costs of safety, licence plate, taxes to Gov. and the price of the bike. I baught it in the spring of 1999 with only 6400 KM. That is right, six thousand four hundres KM all original. This bike had origianl tires, spark plugs, and everything. Nothign was changed on it before I got the bike. I got the bike mainly for work but what I didn't expect was that I would love it so much. The bike now has 21,000 KM on it, but it needs a bit of work. I have left the bike outside for storage during the last two years. This summer I want to fully resotre this machine to original specs and hear it run yet again. One reason I love this bike so much is in two more years it will be classified as antique and there are not many of those around anymore. I have received many coments from different riders sayign they love it or they think it's great I'm driving a clasic or even better they tell me about their first bikes and many of them had the same one I have now. Sometime in the future I want to get a touring bike or another cruiser but for now this little KZ400 will be all I need. It is fast enough adn cheap on gas. I could fill it up for $8.00 - $9.00 with premium gas and it would last me all week with driving it around all over. The guys would always call me Evil Knievel because my bike was black, I had a black helmat, chaps, and leather jacket, and gontlets.

My goal of this portion of the web site is to post as much information as i can about this bike and hopefully it will be remembered for yet another few years. I have done extensive research on the internet for this bike, but I have not found very much info and certainly not very many pictures. I beleive that this machine is from a dying breed, but I will not allow that to happen if I can help in some small way. When I start working on the bike I'll keep taking pictures and keep this web site up to date.

Please read in here about the specifications on this little but still pretty mean Kawasaki KZ400. If I do any modifications to the bike, it'll be posted in here as well.

Road Trips:
Well boys and girls, in here I'll tell my tall tales of all the road trips I'll be on when I get my bike back on the road. It'll be rather interesting to keep a record of any place special I go to adn i'll even post pictures for you to see.

I'll be taking lots of pictures and putting them all here. I will take as many pictures as I can of my bike and the different places I go to.

I'll be listing in here all the suggestions the manufacturer recomends for us to do on our bikes. I'll be listing allt he work that I have done to the bike in the process. Check out my restoration page for the complete list of all the work i have done to bring this

Check out my restoration page here for the complete list of all the work I have done to bring this bike back to life. I'll write about it and try to take pictures.

Here are some links to varrious web sites that have great information & products. All links open in a new window so you don't have to worry about loosing this site. Older Kawasaki KZ Bikes Yahoo KZ400 Owners Group


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