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My Car
Ford Tempo I drive a 1992 Ford Tempo. Yes I know ... some of you are laughing at me because it's a Ford. Others are laughing at me because it's a tempo. Well if your one of those people who drive a ricer and have a large wing and think your car is fast or even if you have a Chevy Cavlier with a 3.1 V6 adn assume your hot shit, then i have news for you. I have the 2 door v6 3.0 litter version. This translates into kick ricers ass, lean, mean, racing machine. Yeah I know it's not a sports car. I also know it's not a $50,000 SUV or pickup truck. I do know that most people underestimate the full potential of these little cars. It cheap on gas, has lots of "get up & go" and you can do lots with them. Check out my mods section to see what I have planned for my little econo car. Others at the web site have taken this sleeper of a car and turn them into something we tempo/topaz owners are very proud of driving. I fell in love with this car the moment I took it on a test drive because of the quickness of it as well it's handling. Yeah ok it's the only thing I could afford at the time. It has a/c that works, 2 door, and looks like a light version of a mustang.

Cop Chasing Tempo (Me)
I have added several cars to my kill list including a '98 cavlier and every honda I could race I have won by no close margin. Once I even raced an old Porche 911. Yeah it was a 80's something but even you have to admit that this is still a car that was designed from ground up to be a euro sports car and my car kept up to it right off it's rear bumber up to 180 KM/h. This was the first time I have experianced to be stopped and go nowhere was due to the speed limiter. It seems it maxes out at 180 :( .... major bummer becasue I was no where near redline adn had lots of throtle left. When I hit 180 he kept on going ... oh well I still felt proud of my car. From that day on I had descided that I would look after this machine and even do a bit of work on it to let loose the hidden monster that lies dorment under the hood. Not to mention this car looks like a sleeper so cops don't go after it.

Read in here all the specifications this car has. I'm sure you will be just as I was that this car has what it takes to be a nice sleeper style get around town in a hurry type of car with potential for more. When I do any major modding to my car, I'll post final results in here.

Stereo Install:
I have always loved music. I m not one of these peopel that are a walking talking jukebox that has every song in the world memorized. I do liek to listen to it and it is a rare thing for the tunes to me off in either my car or my house. Please check it all out here and see what you think about what I have done.

These are some jokes I have collected that are about my car and rice bashing. They are pretty funny and I hope you are as ammused as I have been. Take a look and tell me what you think. If you have any jokes you would like me to post, please feel free to E-Mail me and I'll put them up.

Road Trips:
Well I love to drive as any of my friends will tell you. I try to keep my car as comfortable as I can because of the travle I do. As a on-site technician I travel all over the city here and serounding area but on my off tiem i like to take the occasional road trip. You can read about my latest adventures here.

This is pretty much serlf explanatory. This is where I'll keep all the pictures of my car so if your interested in checking it out, you can go here.

In here you'll find a page that is dedicated to the regular maintenance of my car. It has suggestions from the manufacturer as well different friends. I'll post some tips as well other information relating to the mantenance of this car to keep it in tip top shape adn perfect running condition. I will add information regarding the different problems i have faced and repairs that have been done.

Ahhh .... this is my favorite part of this section of the site. In here you'll find information regarding the moddifications that can be done to my car, as well all mods I want, will, or have done. Any mods I do will be documented and I'll try to have as much information and pictures as I can so that this information can be used by you as well. Hopefully you'll enjoy this information and possiably I'll see you around the Official Tempo / Topaz site showing off yoru Tempo.

Here are some links to varrious web sites that have great information & products. All links open in a new window so you don't have to worry about loosing this site. Official Tempo / Topaz Site GLS registry Ford Vehicles Turbo Ford J.C. Witney Cool Flex Hoses Electric Super Charger Summit Racing Parts Spoilers 4 Less Alpine Car Audio Orion Car Audio Audison Car Audio Lanzar Car Audio


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