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My Computer
My computer is not that good. Actually it's rather on the old side. I have found though as a rule you get what you pay for. I have teh thinking that if your not able to afford to get a brand new system that it top quality then it's better to get used parts that are or rather were high end top quality parts. As a rule this makes your system faster and more imporant much more stable. If your system is stable you dont' have to messa around with applications crashing having to reboot every few hours. And you don't have to worry about anything failing on you.

Like everyone else I dream of having a super duper computer that could rule the world. Well here is that system I want. It's goign to cost me more than I can afford so i'll have to buy it peice by peice but at least I might just get what I want. No matter How big somethign is or how much money it is, it's always easyer to get it a bit at a time instead of all at once.

My Computer:
This is the equipment I have in my computer.

My Dream Computer:
This is the equipment I want in my dream computer.

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List Of Computer Manufacturers:
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