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What's New
You'll find all the latest news about my site in here. This will include all new additions and changes. Stuff like new stories in my adventures, road trips, even if I add a new graphic or photo. I'll try to not make it look too trvial, but at the same time I'll make it informative for you.

May 2, 2002 - Friends of Mine
I updated the Friends section of my site. After much thought about it, I think I have foudn the best way to show all the pics of everyone I know. Please feel free to drop me a line and give me details about yourself if you want to be included in this list. I'll be adding pics as fast as I can. A few pics was added to the Adventures pages.

Apr. 29, 2002 - Hosting For The People !!
Thanks for my good friend Andrei, I now have my own sub domain and I can host my site off of his. He has the web site Well my new home for this site is going to be This means no more advertising banners. I still want to have my very own domain name. I've been thinking of Let me know what you think.

Apr. 17, 2002 - Pics and Jokes
I have added a few pics in the My Car section as well the My Bike section. There is some car jokes now. I updated a few pictures to bring up a larger and more detailed photo. Misc spelling corrections were made.

Apr. 16, 2002 - Grade School Story
When I was 10 years old I made this story for school. It about a camping trip gone bad. It has all the good stuff for great story telling. It has guns, pirates, and lots of art work done by me. You can read about it in the Grew Up page.

Apr. 14, 2002 - More Pictures
I have added a few more pictures of myself and other family members. There is also clickable thumnails for most of the pictures on my site. Please try adn click on an image as many will bring up a new window with a larger and more detailed photo. Information about my grandparetns was added to the My Family section.

Apr. 13, 2002 - Final Look
Today I finished the speel checking and editing of the about me section. My family section now has thumnails of all the photos and when clicked it will bring up a full size pic. In order to do this I had to make a Java Script ro do what I wanted.

Apr. 6, 2002 - We Know Have Time & Date
I found a Java Script that displays a digital time. This addition to my site is on the top of the menu bar. I edited the display from green to the blue in order to have it match up with the color scheme of this site. I foudn another script that makes the beautiful calander on my Main Page. I had to use CSS to change the layout and color scheme, plus the background was added.

Apr. 5, 2002 - Bad News About My E-Mail Address
I just found out that is going to charge me if I want to keep my current e-mail address. I have had the address for about 6 years or so now. Pretty much for as long as I have been online. They forward all my messages to whatever address I want so I keep it even when I move to different ISP's. To top off this news yahoo is also going to charge me for the POP3 service. This allows me to download all my messages to my comptuer in Outlook. Total cost is like $30.00 per year.

Apr. 1, 2002 - Now Online And Ready To Go
Today I foudn a free hosting site called They are pretty godo in that I get 150MB of storage and 3GB of bandwidth a month. There are banners and sometimes it's very slow, but all in all it will do the job just the way I want it. Pretty soon when I find work I'll get my own domain name and pay to have this site hosted. Then there will be no pop-up adds etc.

Mar. 29, 2002 - First Stages
I started the actual design and layout of my site. The layout is pretty much done, but will be revised as an ongoing process. I created the files adn fodlers needed for the framework of the site and started to type in some content.

Mar. 25, 2002 - The Bright Idea
Well today I made up my mind to make a personal web site. I'm alwasy meeting new friends online and everyone keeps asking me for information about me. So I though the best way to do this was to explain everything and have a way to show photos and give information on what I like to do. I'll even give some info on my family and pets. The Planning of my site started out with me writting down ideas on what I could put on my site.


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